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Dolphin Tank Master Submersible / In-Line Pumps Dolphin Tank Master series pumps can be used submerged in all aquariums and ponds, freshwater, marine, and even in reef tanks using calcium additives. These pumps can also be used In Line outside of the aquarium like an external centrifugal pump (except for DP70, DP115). An accessory pack that includes an air venturi with control knob, hose barb fittings, foam pre-filter, and more is included in all pumps (except the DP70). The motors are all thermally protected, epoxy filled, and extra length grounded cords are standard in every unit. The impellers are all impact/shatter resistant and are balanced to a powerful magnet to maximize performance and minimize vibration. For it's chemical resistant properties, all impeller shafts are made out of ceramic or titanium. Pond/Tank Master series magnetic drive pumps draw very little electricity (only 3 to 140 watts, depending on the model), take up very little space (models range from 2 to 9 inches in length), and they make very little noise (no bearings or fans that make extra noise). Dolphin Submersible Pumps Feature: Titanium shafts or ceramic shafts Heat treated magnet coating that resists scratching and release of magnet fragments Larger impellers for higher flow and pressure More energy efficient motors that produce less heat.


Model # Max Pressure Max Flow (GPH) Price
DP-70 30" 70 $12.99
DP-270 5.8' 270 $26.99
DP-385 9' 385 $32.99
DP-2000 19.75' 2000 $159.99