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If you’re serious about protecting your fish and invertebrates with UV Sterilization you need to begin with an educated approach!

Emperor Aquatics UV Sterilizers are only for those aquarists who value quality and efficient performance! Choose from Smart UV Lite, Smart UV, and High Output HO Smart UV.
Emperor Aquatics SMART UV Lite Ultraviolet Sterilizers
SMART UV Lite Ultraviolet Sterilizers deliver optimum protection against harmful aquarium pathogens. Available in 18, 25, 40 & 80 Watt sizes for aquariums no larger than 400 gallons (for larger aquariums see SMART UV Sterilizers, SMART HO UV Sterilizers. The best aquarium UV Sterilizer you can buy!
Emperor Aquatics SMART UV Sterilizers
SMART UVs are watertight and safe to operate both in and outdoors. SMART UV's are designed for fresh or saltwater aquariums and pond applications. Each SMART UV is constructed of heavy wall, UV resistant plastic that increases durability and longevity. Each model is designed around its lamp length and UV output, maximizing the contact time between the target microorganism (algae, bacteria, protozoa) and the UV lamp. Only SMART UV's offer a safe, watertight UL and cUL listed designs.
Emperor Aquatics UV Replacement Parts
Replacement UV Lamps, Quartz Sleeves, Power Supplies, Lamp Connectors, Mounting Clamps, and Gasket Service Kits for all Emperor Aquatics UV Sterilziers
Emperor Aquatics High Output SMART HO UV Sterilizers
The Emperor Aquatics High Output SMART HO UV Sterilizers feature our High Output T6 style UV lamps offering approximately twice the UV lamp output when compared to standard low-pressure UV lamps of the same arc length. With the increased UV output,SMART HO UVs offer increased performance in a unit that requires less space.
Emperor Aquatics Tadpole UV Sterilizer
The Tadpole UV is a complete, submersible pond filter system suitable for small ponds up to 1,500 gallons. Place your Tadpole UV directly in the pond to trap solid waste and eliminate Green Water.