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Ocean Clear Canister Filters
Ocean Clear Filters consist of robustly designed canisters that work under pressure and house various combinations of Mechanical, Biological and Chemical filtration media. Each filter’s configuration includes internal channeling devices to ensure even flow throughout the filter bed.

Based on the size and bio-load of the system, optimal filtration may be achieved by combining 2 or more Ocean Clear Filters connected in series. The following is a brief description of the various configurations currently available.
Fluidized Bed (Sand) Filters
The Lifegard Fluidized Bed Filterhas been tested and proven to supply the highest level of effluent water quality and will respond quickly and efficiently to severe changes in ammonia levels caused by over feeding or the addition of too many fish at one time.

To obtain highest water quality...a Lifegard Fluidized Bed Filter should be part of the system.

Ocean Clear 317 Polystrand Triple Micron Filter Ocean Clear 325 Pleated 25 Micron & Carbon Filter
List Price: $220.99
Our Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $169.88
You save $71.00!
List Price: $260.99
Our Price: $179.88
Sale Price: $198.88
You save $81.11!
Ocean Clear 317 Canister Filter Ocean Clear 325 Canister Filter
The Ocean Clear 317 Polystrand Triple Micron Filter is a high capacity particulate filter for high capacity water pumps from 800 - 1600 gpm. Three densities of Polystrand media on top of a 100 micron, a medium density in the middle and a tight 50 micron section at the bottom. Includes a 30 psi pressure gauge and full flow grid. A multi purpose filter system, the 25 micron spin bonded polyester filter provides polished filtered water that can be cleaned and reused. The Ocean Clear Carbon absorbs dissoloved organics, fish oders, toxic metals and growth inhibiting enzymes and provides biological reduction of ammonia to nitrate.
Ocean Clear 340 Pleated 25 Micron & Bio-core Filter
List Price: $260.99
Our Price: $199.88
Sale Price: $198.88
You save $62.11!
Ocean Clear 340 Canister Filter
For freshwater and marine tanks up to 150 gallons. Includes 40 sq. ft. pleated micron cartrage and 50 sq. ft. polydtrand bio-core for biological filtration in the center core. Provides the highest usable wetted surface area for nitrifying bacteria to eliminate toxic ammonia.