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Kent Marine Additives
Kent Marine utilizes the highest grades of ingredients and an intricate knowledge to help you become a more successful marine aquarist!  
Kent Marine saltwater aquarium supplements make it possible for an aquarist to keep aquarium water parameters within the correct ranges, thereby increasing the health and vigor of the inhabitants.
Kent Marine Buffers
Large Selection of Kent Marine Buffers include Kent Marine Liquid Reactor, Pro-Buffer dkH, Tech-CB, Coral Builder, pH Buffer, and Superbuffer-dKH.
Kent Marine Iodine
Kent Marine Super Iodine Supplement provides bio-available iodine to reef inhabitants. Although present in salt mixes, iodine is rapidly used up in the system, and removed through protein skimming, ozone and filtration.
Kent Marine Filtration Media
Choose from a large Selection of Kent Marine filtration media, including Absorption Resin, Marine Biosediment, Mixed Bed Resin, Nitrate Sponge, Phosphate Sponge, Reef Carbon, and Toxic Metal Sponge.
Kent Marine Calcium Additives
Kent Marine calcium additives provide bio-available calcium for lush growth of calcareous algaes, snails, hard tube worms and clams.  These include Kalkwasser Mix, Liquid Calcium, Liquid Reactor, Tech CB parts A & B, and Turbo-Calcium
Kent Marine Starter Kits
Kent Marine Reef Starter Kit and Marine Starter Kit include essential additives for marine and reef aquariums.
Kent Marine First Aid
Kent Marine Tech-D Coral Dip & Conditioner disinfects corals and many other invertebrates to prevent the spread of bacterial and protozoan disease.  Rx-P is a breakthrough in controlling parasites in Marine Fish.
Kent Marine Supplements
Vitamin & mineral supplements include Coral-Vite, Iron, Essential Elements, Strontium and Molybdenium, Tech-M, Turbo Strontium, Ammonia Detox, Pro-Tech Coat, and Pro-Clear Marine.
Kent Marine Vitamins
Kent Marince C has been shown to enhance the immune system of fishes and invertebrates. Kent Zoe is a superior vitamin complex for Marine Fish, Invertebrates, and desirable algae.
Kent Marine Invert Foods
Feed your invertebrates with Phytoplankton, zooplankton, and valuable proteins using ChromaPlex, Coral-Accel, MicroVert, PhytoPlex, ZooPlex, PhytoMax, ChromaMax, ZooMax from Kent Marine.