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Giesemann Moonlight Infiniti HQI/T5 Light Fixtures
If you constantly improve on what is good, you can achieve perfection. An impressive example of this is the new generation of our MOONLIGHT, which combines metal halide and 4 powerful T-5 fluorescent lamps.

The MOONLIGHT, the flagship model, simulates natural living conditions day and night, allowing you to observe your fish in the moonlight.
Giesemann Infiniti HQI/T5 Light Fixtures
The new Infiniti is the ultimate lighting solution combining the powerful, diffused light and pastel colours offered by 4 D-D T5 tubes with the point intensity and ‘glitter line' movement provided by metal halide lamps - a blend of lighting solutions which reduces stress at the base of corals caused by shadowing through the use of metal halides lights alone.
Aqua Medic Metal Halide Fixtures
The Oceanlight Metal Halide Combo series features smaller wattage HQI bulbs (20K) nested between the larger wattage primary HQI bulbs (10K), and dramatic gains in color mixing and depth of punch are achieved. Enjoy, for the first time, the magical shimmer lines you get from your daylights, now gracing your morning and evening blue effects.

Oceanlight Pendants offer amazing results in a powerful, compact package. Each pendant system is driven by external magnetic ballasts, housed in a quiet aluminum chassis that boasts silent convective heat dissipation.
Metal Halide Bulbs
Choose from a large selction of Metal Halide bulbs. Including USHIO , Aqualine Buske, Radium, and XM Mogul Base and Double Ended.
CustomSeaLife Metal Halide Fixtures
CustomSeaLife Metal Halide Aluminum fixtures are an ultra-sleek fan-cooled powder-coated aluminum hood ideal for hanging or direct placement over an aquarium.  They include an internal polished reflector, PowerCompact and PowerHalide remote electronic ballasts, two Ultra-Actinic bulbs, TMetal Halide Lamps, and independent controls for Dawn and Dusk simulation.