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JBJ ATO - Automatic Topoff System
JBJ ATO - Automatic Topoff System Water Level Controller
List Price: $136.95
Our Price: $99.88
Sale Price: $87.88
You save $49.07!

The A.T.O. is equipped with (2) float sensors that activate within seconds when your water level drops and automatically refills your sump or tank until it reaches your desired set point. Each float sensor has been designed with an exterior guard preventing snails and hermit crabs from attaching to the sensors.
Aqua Medic SP 3000 Dosing pump
Aqua Medic SP 3000 Dosing pump
List Price: $135.98
Our Price: $108.88
You save $27.10!

The SP 3000 dosing pump is an economic peristaltic pump for pumping small volumes of water. It can be used with bypass filters like the Nitratereductor and the Calciumreactor, and also to top up evaporated water combined with an aquaniveau and the Kalkwasserreactor. A further application is the automatic dosing of fertilizers and minerals.
Aqua Medic Niveaumat auto top-off
Aqua Medic Niveaumat Aquarium top-off system
List Price: $151.99
Our Price: $158.88

A common mistake in the aquarium hobby is to run the output from an R/O filter directly to a mechanical float switch on the aquarium filter to compensate for evaporation.

The Aqua Medic Niveaumat is an excellent integrated solution that combines the SP 3000 dosing pump with a directly connected low-voltage float switch. Everything you need in one economical package.