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PFO Metal Halide Ballasts
PFO Metal Halide Ballasts Feature:
  • Tar style ballasts (core coil design)
  • Up to 3 ballasts mounted in a single enclosure
  • 120V 6' supply cord for each ballast
  • Extruded aluminum heat sink enclosure for maximum heat dissipation
  • Each ballast can be controlled by independent timers
  • Each ballast has an independent on-off switch
  • Quick disconnect for maximum versatility in socket mounting configurations
  • Single Ballast Enclosure: 8.5" L, 7.5" W, 6.25" H
  • Double Ballast Enclosure: 18" L, 7.5" W, 6.35" H
  • 1000W Enclosure: 15" L, 9" W, 7" H