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Power Compact Bulbs
Replacement Power Compact Bulbs for all Power Compact Lighting Fixtures. Power Compact Fluorescent: Also known as Power Compacts, these bulbs are a very good source of lighting.
CustomSealife Moonlight Fixtures
CustomSeaLife MoonLight Fixtures feature PowerCompact bulbs along with the a MoonLight that casts a beautiful “moon-glow” over your tank while consuming less than 1-watt of power. Ultra-bright LED lamp simulates a full moon on a clear night in the tropics promoting breeding and spawning Does not disturb the nocturnal habits of the tanks inhabitants
CustomSealife Power Compact Fixtures and Retrofit Kits
PowerCompact fixtures provide more than 3-times the light of a standard 40 watt fluorescent lamp. CustomSeaLife PowerCompact Fixtures are available in either Retofit Kits or Fan-Cooled ABS Hoods and feature independently controlled ballast assemblies for Dawn and Dusk simulation.