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IceCap T5 Retrofit Lighting Kits
IceCap T5 Retrofit Lighting Kits include everything you need: T5 endcaps, standoff, reflector clips, power cord, wire nuts. Available with and without IceCap Fluorescent Ballasts.
Aqua Medic HO T5 Bulbs
Enter High Output T5 fluorescents. A modest increase in efficiency over PC fluorescents is not the whole story here. The diminutive diameter of the T5 bulbs places little in the way of light rebounding from the reflector and offers a new benchmark in terms of the light produced making it into the aquarium for a significant and apparent improvement.
URI Fluorescent VHO Bulbs
UV Lighting Co. was the first to revolutionize the Aquarium industry with its introduction of the triband phosphor mix and VHO internal reflector lamps. Since that introduction in 1988, UVL's aquatic lighting has been the number one choice for professional marine systems all over the world.
IceCap VHO Ballasts & Accessories
The IceCap VHO Electronic Ballasts allow you to mix and match VHO lamps with power compacts (one 4ft. linear lamp equals one 96 Watt power compact or two 55 Watt power compacts). A 6 ft. VHO wiring harness and heat sink are included with all ballasts. IceCap ballasts come with an inclusive 3-year parts and labor warranty.