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About SeaQuest Marine.Com – Your Online Aquarium Dealer
It all began in 1976, in a house full of freshwater and saltwater aquariums, when the idea of providing an aquarium maintenance service and a retail store first surfaced. Early on, I was consulting by request from customers who had fish tanks in their homes and offices and had heard of my services by word of mouth. I was providing emergency medical care and / or treatment for fish that had symptoms of illness, from fin and gill problems to beginning stages of Ich. After many years of helping and identifying problems for customers and enjoying the aquarium hobby, our ideas for growth finally took shape.

In 1995, SeaQuest Pets and Marine LTD was opened in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Our initial store was over 8,000 square feet and provided all pet care supplies, from freshwater fish and saltwater marine to cat and dog supplies to all necessary pet store related products. We carried an extensive selection of top-drawer technology aquarium equipment and supplies, and we maintained one of the largest retail displays of marine animals in the Midwest. Over 10,000 gallons of Ocean was on display in our aquarium store, and it was just as relaxing to visit as well as purchase your favorites as it was to visit the John G. Shedd Aquarium in downtown Chicago just off Lake Michigan! We enjoyed passing on and sharing our experiences in the hobby with our customers, to the point where we even held successful classes every Saturday evening on “How to Build an Ocean”.

SeaQuest Marine Corp. will ship anywhere in the USA including Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and some Internationsl destinations. However, the normal shipping charges based on weight and travel time based on UPS and US Postal apply. All orders being placed outside the Lower 48 States will not be able to order on line, but rather phone there order into our Customer Supoport Line for proper order handling so proper shipping can be applied. For more information, email us at with any comments or suggestions.

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We Bring the Ocean to You