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The SMART UV Lite UV Sterilizers for small Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums from Emperor Aquatics, Inc.

SMART UV Lite Body

*The UV body is constructed of ultraviolet light resistant heavy-wall plastic. The Sterilizer’s housing carries a lifetime warranty against Ultraviolet degradation or manufacturer defects. The SMART UV Lite aquarium models are designed with a 2” body diameter and are ideal for fresh or saltwater applications.

SMART UV Ballast

The SMART UV Lite’s power supply is remotely positioned on a 26 foot cord. This new electronic ballast is SMART enough to supply the UV lamp with the exact amount of power it needs, no more, no less, and therefore cuts costs due to efficiency. The SMART UV Ballast’s new technology also allows it to resist failure due to water damage; unlike any competing brand.

Quartz Sleeve and Power Assembly Design

The quartz sleeve and power assemblies were designed for quick and easy removal from the UV Sterilizer body. You can remove the entire assembly
with just a couple twists for or you can easily replace
the UV Lamp without disrupting the water flow by solely removing the power assembly. The connections are watertight and all seals last for 12 months.

UV Lamp of the Highest Quality

SMART UV Lite models feature a hard quartz glass mercury UV lamp. These low-pressure lamps offer
9,000 hours of continual operation, or 13 months, until reaching (80% efficient) their end of useful lamp life.

Ultraviolet Safe Viewing Port

All UV Lite Sterilizers feature a large viewing port at the non-electrical end. This port offers safe inspection of the UV lamp to ensure it is operating. You may also use the clear quartz sleeve retaining module; it will glow when the lamp is on.