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Brightwell Aquatics Additives & Supplements
Brightwell Aquatics provides the absolute highest quality, scientifically-sound products formulated by a published marine scientist who has been a passionate aquarium hobbyist for over 25 years.
Kent Marine Saltwater Additives & Supplements
Kent Marine utilizes the highest grades of ingredients and an intricate knowledge to help you become a more successful marine aquarist!  Kent Marine saltwater aquarium supplements make it possible for an aquarist to keep aquarium water parameters within the correct ranges, thereby increasing the health and vigor of the inhabitants.
Kent Marine Freshwater Additives & Supplements
Kent Marine offers quality supplements for planted aquariums, African, South and Central American cichlids (including discus), goldfish, and other freshwater fishes, as well as filtrants/detoxifiers of tap- and aquarium water, and pH and alkalinity adjusting products.
American Marine - Selcon
Selcon Concentrate™ contains Omega-3 HUFA, Vitamin B12 and pure stabilized Vitamin C. So if you are establishing a saltwater breeding program, preventing/reversing lateral line disease or just maintaining a healthy reef system, try Selcon; it's truly amazing.  Excellent for soaking freeze-dried foods. A must for filter-feeding invertebrates. Boosts the nutritional value of live brine shrimp.
Kordon Additives & Supplements
AmQuel quickly and effectively removes ammonia, chlorine and chloramines (three of the most toxic chemicals commonly found in aquatic systems) from fresh and saltwater. AmQuel is the only true one-step liquid ammonia and chloramine remover that is simple to use.

NovAqua neutralizes chlorine, iodine, and chloramine, detoxifies heavy metals, and provides a protective colloid coating on the fish's body during injury.
ESV Calcium Buffers and Supplements
B-Ionic Calcium Buffer is the original, unique, easy to use, two-component liquid supplement system. When using equal volumes of each component, the aquarist can easily maintain calcium and alkalinity levels with no mixing powders, disruption of ionic balance, or addition of organic chemicals.

Other high quality ESV products include B-Ionic Magnesium, Bromide-Fluoride Supplement, Liquid Carbonate Buffer, and Potassium Iodide Solution.
Boyd (Chemi-Pure & Vita-Chem)
Chemi-Pure is a carbon that promotes aerobic bacterial growth and nitrification. Removes dissolved organics. Removes copper,metal,ions,odors and all pollution,gasses CO2,color and phenol.  

Vita-chem is a complete vitamin supplement with naturally occurring amino acids and lipids. Brings out the natural colors in fish and can help pervent Lateral Line Disease.
Aquarium Additives, Chemicals and Other Supplements
Today’s successful aquarium hobbyist has learned through web discussion boards, local aquarium groups and educated websites what aquarium additives and supplements are necessary to build a harmonious freshwater, reef or Ocean System environment.
These aquarium care products and fish tank chemicals include: Calcium, Kalkwasser, Iron, Iodine, Strontium, Phytoplankton, Magnesium, Potassium, pH support, Vitamins, Buffers, and more.

Whether it is a reef, freshwater, Ocean System, or Pond environment, your successful Aquaculture depends on top-drawer products, and we carry the best algae supplements and other aquarium chemicals in the business.  Manufacturers and scientists, such as Kent Marine, Seachem, and ESV, are at the top of this list. 

As always, we do our best to keep prices low and affordable for our customers. However, the quality of our fish tank chemicals and other aquarium supplements never changes. Our goal is to help you build a healthy living environment for your fish and marine animals. Keep SeaQuest Marine in mind for all your aquarium care needs, from helpful advice / consultation to basic aquarium care. You can place any of your supplement orders right here online. You can also call 561-333-6953 and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.