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Coralife Deep Six Hydrometer
Coralife Deep Six Hydrometer
List Price: $12.95
Our Price: $7.99
You save $4.96!

A wide range specific gravity meter, that takes True water samples at 6" depth.  Avoids inaccurate surface samples.  Most users like the immediate leveling without having to dump water back out.
SeaTest Instant Ocean Hydrometer
Instant Ocean SeaTest Hydrometer
List Price: $14.99
Our Price: $8.88
You save $6.11!

Accurate, reliable water test equipment is absolutely vital to creating and sustaining a healthy, successful marine environment. Easy to read and simple to operate, Marineland's Instant Ocean® Hydrometer delivers precise full-range salinity and specific gravity readings - accurate to 0.001 - and does it each time, every time. And thanks to the new improved design, you won't even get your hands wet!
Pinpoint Salinity Monitor and Probe
Pinpoint Salinity Monitor and Probe
List Price: $169.95
Our Price: $122.88
You save $47.07!

PINPOINT Salinity Monitor™ will accurately and immediately measure the amount of salt in any marine or freshwater system. The reading is fully temperature compensated and the conversion chart will precisely show the corresponding density (specific gravity) or % salt (refractometer) values.

This monitor is especially useful to determine the low level of salt required for Koi, whether in an aquarium or outdoor pond. Comes complete with meter, probe and calibration fluid.
  • Powered by a standard 9-volt battery (not included).
  • Optional AC Adaptor Kit