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Pentair Lifegard Sea Horse Pumps
Pentair Aquatics Rainbow Lifegard self priming Sea Horse pumps feature sturdy fiberglass construction and 1.5" suction and discharge ports.
Dolphin Aqua Sea / Amp Master Pumps

Dolphin has spent the last several years analyzing every aspect of seal failure, performance and efficiency of our most popular compact 1.5" Amp Master pump. We were so determined to create the World’s most efficient and maintenance free pump capable of circulating both freshwater and saltwater, also pumping gritty abrasive waters without failure, which will eliminate required seal replacement every year or two.
Re inventing the common pump seal and using fringe technology also became a prerequisite. The Amp Master Diamond Type 3 & 4 are now the World’s finest Marine and Abrasive Reef Pumps ever produced and carry a lifetime factory service guarantee.
Aquarium Water Pumps and Powerheads

There are hundreds of water pump manufacturers to choose from for your aquarium, whether it is freshwater or saltwater. At SeaQuest, we offer only the very best in durability, reliability and safety.

Safety and reliability in a filter pump are paramount when it comes to keeping an ocean reef or freshwater system up and running. Nothing is more upsetting than to coming home to your large investment of fish and corals and finding them dying or dead due to electrical outage, leaks, faulty seals / gaskets or some other unforeseen malfunction.

Maintenance is essential for a healthy aquarium environment, and proper planning with a clean environment helps keep electricity and water in harmony. Filter pumps and powerheads will run as the manufacturer’s warranty states, but only if you keep up your end of the deal!

External water pumps are designed to move water flow for the entire system and connect or plumb through your filtration / refugium systems back up to your aquarium, whether it is a closed loop system or standard sump return.

Aquarium powerheads are designed to be submerged in water, either in the tank or in the sump, and they usually perform the task of moving water for the skimmer operation or for general circulation. Maxi Jet, Tunze, and Mag Drive are well respected for these tasks.

For the best of the best, Dolphin pumps have earned a great reputation for being long running and having a quieter operation than some others. In fact dolphin Pumps has a patented process with longer warranties than any other pump manufacture. But don’t discount the Pentair Aquatics-Rainbow Lifeguard models, the Iwaki or the Little Giant series of aquarium pumps, since they have all earned good reputations for pumping 24/7!

When choosing your aquarium filter pumps and powerheads for external or in-sump applications, pick the right size to meet your tank and sump specifications. The rule of thumb for good water flow and turning over water in your system is a minimum of 10 times per hour. In other words, if you have a 55 gallon aquarium, you will want to choose a filter pump that can move water flow at 550 gallons per hour at zero head pressure.

Head pressure is a term used for measuring the distance from the pump on the floor of your stand to the top of your tank where the water return lines are located. The charts that you see in this section will indicate what the water flow is at 5 feet of head pressure, 10 feet of head pressure, etc. Always choose the right pump for the job and never hesitate to ask questions! We are here to help you “Build Your Ocean System.”
Seaquest Marine also carries a full line of aquarium air pumps. For more information contact us at (561) 568-0355