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Kent Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems
Kent Marine offers a full line of reverse osmosis and deionization systems producing 10 to 650 gallons per day of purified water.
Replacement Cartridges, Membranes, and Accessories
Browse our large selection of Reverse Osmosis Cartridges, Membranes, and accessories.  Carbon block, sediment, Deionization, SILICAMAX, RO Membranes, shutt off kits, flow restrictors, flush kits, float valves, and more.
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems & Reverse Osmosis Deionization Systems (RODI) For Your Reef Ocean Aquarium
Reverse Osmosis is a separation process that uses your household water pressure to force water (a solvent) through a membrane filter that retains the waste or solute on one side of the filtration process and allows pure water to pass through to the other side. Among other things, Reverse Osmosis is used for drinking water in homes and restaurants, but it is also one of the most important advances in our aquariums’ success, especially in Reef Ocean Systems!
Since RODI systems are now used to remove all of the impurities that destroy reef rock, corals and fish, the hobbyist has found a new level of success in Building the Ocean. The RODI system removes impurities, like chlorine, chloramines, phosphates, and heavy metals, from the aquarium. Most of these impurities are the food source for Algae and other major issues that can kill and suffocate your Ocean system. The DI (De-Ionizing) portion of the filtration process is what removes the phosphates, silicates, and nitrates.
Kent Marine’s HiS Maxxima series is a favorite Reverse Osmosis system among hobbyists since it is a 4 stage system with 1 micron sediment filter cartridge, a solid block carbon cartridge, and a mixed bed deionization resin or a silicamax resin cartridge. An optional pressure pump to build your household water pressure to a desired level of 50 psi is also available. Check out all the RO / RODI systems and other options in this section!