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Red Sea Test Kits
Correct water conditions are essential for the health and development of both fish and plants. A stable pH maintained at the natural level for specific aquarium inhabitants, is essential for their well being and therefore should be checked regularly.

Red Sea`s Test Labs come in a unique package that easily transforms into a user-friendly workstation. The wide color graduations of the tests have been developed for easy determination of the result.

Little Time or Temp Digital Thermometer Big Digital Temp Alert
List Price: $21.95
Our Price: $18.88
You save $3.07!
List Price: $34.99
Our Price: $29.88
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Little Time or Temp Digital Thermometer Big Digital Temp Alert
A Digital Clock/Thermometer with illuminating light for accurate measurement of aquarium water or room temperature in °F. Large display Digital Thermometer with Alert feature. Displays both aquarium water temperature and room temperature in at the same time.

Four Alert Features: (Alarm will sound and LED Flashes)
  • High Temp Alert Only (Probe)
  • Low Temp Alert Only (Probe)
  • Both High & Low Temp Alert (Air/Room)
  • Both High & Low Temp Alert (Probe)
Water Test Kits and Testing Supplies for Your Aquarium

Yes, it is true that having a successful aquarium and aquaculture in your reef or freshwater system comes from maintenance and testing to see what maintenance is necessary!  Starting out with quality water (like from a RODI system) is critical, but the need for weekly or bi-weekly water changes are also necessary to remove toxins and waste that your protein skimmer is not removing. A testing kit is the perfect tool to check your water and keep up with its maintenance.

Whether it is removing ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, silicates, or phosphates or balancing pH, alkalinity, and other supplements that you add to your “Build an Ocean System”™, aquarium testing kits are available from many manufactures.  By testing your water, you are being proactive with your aquarium and finding problems before they become disasters.  You can use test strips for quick and easy testing. Drops or tablets also provide good testing kits for your aquarium water.  For testing salinity, the newer technology, such as a Refractometer, is a quick way to measure specific gravity and salinity. 

Along with your other aquarium needs, SeaQuest carries the aquarium test kits you need to maintain a healthy living environment for your freshwater fish or marine animals. Place your order for a master test kit right here online or call us at 561-333-6953.