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AquaC Calcium Reactors
The RX-1 calcium reactor represents the pinnacle in reactor technology available today. We've combined all the features an advanced reef hobbyist is looking for into a compact package that is easy to use and maintain. No more messing with finicky settings or inconsistent results, the RX-1 is a solid performer that will give you years of trouble-free service.
Aqua Medic Calcium Reactors
Calcium reactors dose a 24 hour stream of calcium ions and carbonate ions into your reef system. This is the ideal ion pairing that the popular two-part liquid additives offer, though at a much higher long-term cost, and it is up to you to dose it daily and dose it correctly. Calcium reactors automate this process and relieve you of the daily measuring and dosing burden. Aqua Medic Calcium Reactors house a generous portion of pure Hydrocarbonat media which is dissolved by the controlled dosing of CO2 gas to lower the pH within the unit.
TUNZE Calcium Reactors
Today’s generation of automatic calcium reactors combine high efficiency and a compact size, consisting of a reactor with pump and the Comline housing. Calcium Automat 3170 needs no additional supply pump, and is operational with a minimum water level of 60 mm (2.3 in.). It is suitable for operation in the aquarium as well as in a cabinet filter.
Calcium Reactor Equipment and Accessories
SeaQuest Marine is your source for Calcium Reactor Equipment, including Pressure Regulators, Solenoid Valves, Bubble Counters, and Controllers.