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Algae Magnet Glass Cleaners
The "Hammerhead Float", "Tiger Shark Float", and "Piranha Float" are a revolutionary development in aquarium algae cleaning magnets. The inner cleaning assembly is made of high quality injected molded durable ABS plastic, which, when disengaged from the outer assembly, floats to the top your aquarium.  

The Mag-Float is a revolutionary new magnetic aquarium cleaner. Its buoyancy makes it easy to operate.
Tweezers and Tongs
Tweezers and Tongs help keep the interior of your aquarium neat and well manicured without getting hands wet.  Choose from a large selection of TUNZE, Aqua Medic, and Hagen Tongs and Tweezers.
Kent Marine Proscrapers
Aquarium maintenance has been greatly simplified and made more convenient with Kent Pro•Scraper products! There is no easier way to keep aquarium glass and acrylic free of algae, diatoms and other visual barriers.
Algae Scrubbers & Scraper Pads
Surface friendly Algae Scrub Pads are safe, non-toxic and easy to use for removing line scum, unsightly algae and other deposits that form on aquarium surface.
Scratch Removal Kits
Removes scratches from acrylic aquariums and many forms of plastic and wood surfaces. Molded case contains instructions, 8 sheets of progressively graded “crystal pad”, cotton flannel, sanding block and 3/4” oz. “Final Polish”.

Acrylic Scratch Removal Kit Kent Marine ProScraper 1
List Price: $56.99
Our Price: $42.88
You save $14.11!
List Price: $4.39
Our Price: $3.88
You save $0.51!
Acrylic Scratch Removal Kit Kent Marine ProScraper 1
Scratch Removal Kit for acrylic aquariums. Restores the original surface finish and removes minor damage.

    Kent Marine Pro Scraper 1 for glass and acrylic:
  • Inert, won’t rust and won’t add any metals to the aquarium

  • Won't scratch acrylic or glass like metal blades do!

  • Soft enough to reach into and clean out previously scratched glass or acrylic

  • Will clean out algae that naturally grows in such scratches!

  • Won’t cut the user, even if just carried in your pocket!

  • Effective on even the most stubborn deposits.