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Emperor Aquatics Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizers
If you’re serious about protecting your fish and invertebrates with UV Sterilization you need to begin with an educated approach!

Emperor Aquatics UV Sterilizers are only for those aquarists who value quality and efficient performance! Choose from Smart UV Lite, Smart UV, and High Output HO Smart UV.
Pentair Aquatics (Rainbow Lifegard) and AQUASTEP Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizers
Pentair Aquatics (Rainbow Lifegard) Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizers feature Single Capacity for Aquariums up to 100 gallons, Double Capacity for Aquariums up to 200 gallons, and Triple Capacity for Aquariums up to 300 gallons.

AquaStep UV Sterilizers can be installed in a hanging position or underneath aquarium tanks to kill disease causing micro-organisims. Also use inside pond filters or skimmers to kill free floating algae.
Ultraviolet Sterilization and Ozinizer Systems

Aquarium UV sterilizers are must-haves for successful water purification. Whether it is a reef ocean system, freshwater aquaria or pond, an ultraviolet sterilizer is easy to install and will take away some of the most deadly problems you face. There is no reason to invest thousands of dollars into a fish tank, reef ocean system, or freshwater system and then let it succumb to deadly bacterial disease, suffocating algae blooms or deadly parasites that will kill and destroy your fish.

Don’t be fooled by statements that say properly maintained aquariums do not need UV sterilization. Even proper water changes, feeding habits and additives cannot prevent algae bloom in areas that sunlight reaches daily. Your fish tank will still be susceptible to deadly parasites that hitchhike on fish and certain corals and anemones. Remember, nutrients feed algae and other bacteria, so it is necessary to remove these problems before they take hold. Once disease is visible, it has already been painfully hurting and weakening your fish and other aquarium inhabitants. At this point, you are witnessing the weakened immune system show itself.

Finding the proper size ultraviolet sterilizers for your aquarium or pond is easy since they are rated by how many gallons need sterilized. Ultraviolet sterilizers have an inlet and an outlet. An in-line plumed sterilizer or a sterilizer driven by a separate pump are typically fine and can be designed for your specific needs. Water enters the ultraviolet sterilizer and passes over and around a glass tube called a quartz sleeve, which protects the UV bulb from the water. As water flows through the system, it is cleansed of parasites, algae blooms and bacteria. The water flow is a very important part of operation with ultraviolet sterilizers. If there is too much water flow, the UV light does not have time to do its job. See the charts on this page for more details and always feel free to call and ask questions! Emperor Aquatics, now owned by Pentair Corporation since 2015 is the largest and most widely chosen UV Sterilizer manufacture in the world.

Another form of eliminating problems from your aquarium is the popular Ozonizer controller system. By introducing ozone into your aquarium, you raise the ORP, which increases the oxygen levels and decreases dissolved waste.